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Current Version 1.3
Copyright 2006 Cal Evans
License GPL 2.0
Download tarball
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Last Update 02/20/2006

This is a WordPress plugin. It retrieves your blog's stock value from NOTE: Make you go to and ensure that your blog is being tracked first. There's nothing worse than advertising to your users that your blog is worthless. :)


  1. Download and uncompress the plugin. This will create a blogbling directory with all the files needed for the plugin.
  2. Upload the blogbling directory to your blog's plugins directory. The final destination on most systems should be /wp-content/plugins/.
  3. Go to the Wordpress Admin Plugin menu. If installed correctly, you should see the deactivated plugin ready to activate. Activate the plugin
  4. Go to Options/Alexadex. Make sure the options are set the way you want them to. There are 5 tokens you can place in the message that will be replaced by the plugin:

<!--price--> = price per share of the stock price
<!--totalShares--> =Total Shares.
<!--sharesOutstanding--> = shares outstanding.
<!--style--> = style sheet to use.
<!--url--> = your domain name

In the display text, the style sheet is set but I override it. Strip out all the style="" in the sample text if you want to just use a style sheet.

Somewhere in your theme's sidebar put the code:
<?PHP if (function_exists('alexadex_output')) echo alexadex_output();?>


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